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  • Sheila Butler

How A Random Act of Kindness Led to My Dream Job and Changed My Life

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We often hear about the ripple effect—a single action setting off a chain of events that can change everything. For me, this profound concept became a reality through a simple, yet impactful act of kindness extended to me. This act didn't just alter my career trajectory; it transformed my entire life, leading me to my dream job at Disney and shaping my career, friendships, and even the success of Butler Marketing Group, FL LLC.

It all started with an unexpected opportunity while at my doctor’s office. He asked me what I planned to do when I graduated with a degree in Music and Business. I explained my plan was to work in marketing and PR for a theatre company, but my dream was to work at Disney. My physician left the room and returned with the email address of a Production Manager at Disney, who recently was in Indianapolis to prepare for next year’s Indy 500 Festivities. The email resulted in a production assistant position with Disney Creative Entertainment, which was producing all the entertainment for that year’s Indianapolis 500 Festivities. I grew up in Indianapolis and dreamed of working at Disney since I was six. This was a THE opportunity of a lifetime for me. So, during the last few months of college at Indiana University, I drove from Bloomington each weekday after class to Indianapolis and worked for Disney Creative Entertainment from 5 pm until late into the night. I approached every opportunity with energy and enthusiasm regardless of the task - type scripts, glue props for the parade, assist with character auditions, and many more. Recognizing my dedication and hard work, the individual who initially hired me offered to thank me in a meaningful way—she set up job interviews for me at Disney.

Landing a job at Disney was nothing short of a dream come true. I started my career in Disney Entertainment, where I worked for several years, gaining invaluable experience and forming lasting relationships. The lessons learned, the creativity fostered, and the sheer magic of the workplace environment greatly enriched my professional skills and personal life. Eventually, I transitioned into a marketing role, where I could leverage my entertainment background to craft compelling marketing strategies. I formed deep friendships with colleagues throughout my seven years, creating bonds beyond the workplace. These connections have grown over time and now are far beyond those that I worked with years ago, becoming a vast network of support and inspiration throughout my career and personal life.

Disney's influence extended beyond my time working there. The values of innovation, creativity, and excellence that I embraced during my tenure are the cornerstones of Butler Marketing Group, FL LLC, and our approach to marketing and consulting is deeply rooted in the lessons learned from one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. Remarkably, all our clients to date have come from referrals through my Disney network of friends and former colleagues.

As I reflect on my journey, I am profoundly grateful for the random act of kindness extended to me decades ago. It reminds me of the power of simple actions and the incredible potential they hold to change our lives. It might just lead to a dream job, lifelong friendships, or a career surpassing one’s wildest dreams.

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