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  • Sheila Butler

Sharing My Secrets to Branding: A Step-by-Step Guide on Brandon C. White’s MARKETING Podcast

I recently sat down with my good friend and former classmate, Brandon C. White, on his MARKETING Podcast, part of his Best Podcast Network. Brandon is an entrepreneur, angel investor, former venture capitalist, an all-around great guy, and wicked smart.

During our podcast conversation, I revealed my secrets to branding and steps in my Butler Branding BootcampTM process, including how to:

• Define your competitive framework

• Articulate the functional & rational brand elements up to the emotional & intangible

• Get crystal clear on the benefits to your customers

• Uncover your brand personality through a “party” exercise

• Zero in on your brand promise, the end effect for your customers & your point of difference

• Apply these details to crafting your marketing narratives and marketing copy

We also touched on loyalty, a passion of mine, and another service offered by Butler Marketing Group.

I’ve used my Butler Branding BootcampTM process for over twenty years, branding tech startups for venture capital pitches, nonprofits, and small, medium & large businesses across a range of industries, such as financial services and entertainment.

Listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, or iHeartRadio, and contact me to discuss how I can build, evolve, or transform your brand.

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