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  • Sheila Butler

How I Found Creative Inspiration at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Sheila Butler at Disney's Geyser Point

During the pandemic, I moved from the Washington, DC metro area back to Orlando. I started my career at Disney and after two decades in the Northeast Corridor, I felt compelled to return to my roots. My beautiful home has a nightly view of Disney fireworks and that was intentional. Disney calls their fireworks “the kiss goodnight,” and I delight in the dazzling display from my balcony.

Being an entrepreneur means often working seven days a week. It’s simultaneously invigorating and exhausting. And I admit I’ve not struck the delicate balance of delivering on client work while cultivating new clients. I’m not sure balance even exists at this stage in my company, to be honest.

The other day, while working on a large project for a client, I hit a mental roadblock. And I hit it hard… With a looming deadline and more hours of work in front of me than behind me, I needed to shake things up to get out of my rut. My rut at that moment was my home office.

I love running my marketing firm, and I video chat hours a day with clients, former colleagues, and those I’ve recently met while networking. But that day, I couldn’t get my creative juices flowing to make progress on my client’s work, and I desperately needed a change in scenery.

Walt Disney World is roughly 43 square miles. It’s larger than most people realize. One of my favorite spots at Walt Disney World is Geyser Point, located at the edge of Bay Lake at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s magical. The background music is as stunning as the view. It’s where I recharge, reconnect with myself, and escape. And when I had run out of creative energy staring at my laptop and the four walls of my home office, I knew the only cure for my lack of productivity would be Geyser Point.

It's a quick drive to the resort from my home. Within 15 minutes, I had planted myself squarely next to the only inspiration I could find – Bay Lake. It was a relatively busy afternoon at this rustic, National Park-inspired outdoor restaurant. And yet, despite ESPN in the background and the sounds of Disney guests planning their evening adventures, I found just what I needed – a vast well of creativity that had eluded me earlier that day.

Finally, I was making progress again. Finally, thoughts and words were flowing again. I was centered, focused, and highly productive. I need a change of perspective to tap deeper into my creativity and connect my heart and head. In a matter of hours, I accomplished more creative branding and marketing narrative writing than the three previous days combined.

Until that afternoon, I hadn’t realized the profound impact a change of view provides and how important it is to surround myself with inspiration to find that inspiration deep inside.

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