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  • Sheila Butler

Barbie's Strategic Partnerships: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

The summer movie season is in full swing, and while many films rely mainly on star-studded casts for their promotional power, Barbie is taking PR way up in her Dream Plane. Barbie's famous cast won't be gracing the talk show circuit to generate buzz for the movie due to the SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike could be a significant blow to movie studios that have invested millions and millions in production pre-marketing before films are released and need to invest more money in marketing, given that actor interviews during the strike are prohibited. Yet, Barbie has a secret weapon up her fashionable sleeve: a carefully crafted partnership marketing strategy that could give her a leading advantage over other summer releases and make waves at the box office, even without the help of traditional actor promotions. We haven't seen this much creativity from Barbie since her fan's pond on Avenue Q in Washington, DC.

Partnerships for the Win:

Barbie knows that in the world of entertainment, innovation is essential. While other movies may be scrambling to find alternative ways to generate buzz without their stars, Barbie is already one step ahead (even though her shoes need to stay on better). This iconic entrepreneur has joined forces with a lineup of diverse and influential brands, creating a web of collaborations to captivate audiences and keep the Barbie movie in the spotlight. Here are just a few of the brands promoting her movie, keeping it top of mind despite the PR engine slowing:

• Joybird: Barbie Dreamhouse-themed furniture collection

• Barefoot Dreams: Cozy Barbie-themed clothing collection

• Boohoo: Inclusive Barbie fashion collection

• Pinkberry: Barbie Land Berry Pink frozen yogurt flavor

• Fossil: Luxe leather goods and watches

• Forever 21: Barbie-themed clothing collection

• Homesick: Barbie Dreamhouse-themed scented candle

• Gap: Barbie collection for kids, adults, and pets

• ALDO: Barbie-themed accessories, heels, and sneakers

• PacSun: '90s-inspired Barbie collection

The list continues. Barbie's partnership with Progressive expertly generates awareness and consideration to see her breezy summer movie, while Progressive's message of bundling home (Dreamhome) and auto (Dreamcar) remains on-brand. And her charming beau, Ken, is welcoming guests to her famously hot-pink, beautiful Malibu mansion thanks to a partnership with Airbnb, offering renters an immersion deep into her world - even for a few dreamy nights.

The Power of Collaboration:

Barbie's voice carries on by embracing strategic partnerships when the film's cast cannot sing her praises. The movie's collaborative efforts with influential brands provide unique avenues to reach audiences, create memorable experiences, and generate excitement and consideration around the movie. Barbie's partnership marketing strategy positions her movie as a likely standout among the summer releases.

While films pivot their promotional strategies to heavier investment in paid media to adapt to the limitations imposed by the actor's strike, Barbie confidently struts down the runway of success with her innovative approach to partnership marketing. By teaming up with fashion, confectionery, insurance, travel brands, and more, Barbie is (as always) poised and ready to make a dazzling impact at the box office.

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